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Heartland Health Care in Ann Arbor receives high marks on state survey – Ann Arbor Journal – Heritage Newspapers

Tip of the Week As the dangers of prolonged sitting are becoming clearer, more people are choosing to swap their traditional seat for a stability ball. You dont have to permanently say sayonara to your desk chair, but using a stability ball for half the day is better for your body. Some benefits are: Stronger core – By sitting on the ball, you are forced to use the muscles in the middle of your body: the abdominals, hips, chest and spine. Better balance: The first time you sit on the ball, you might feel a little wobbly. Youll definitely become more aware of firing your core muscles to stay steady. But with time and practice, your body will unconsciously balance. Posture – With no armrests or chair back to slouch into, youre naturally going to keep your back straighter and taller. Also, your posture will naturally benefit from the stronger core muscles gained from the ball. Life Fitness Number to Know 8%: The percentage increase in risk for colon cancer for each two-hour period spent sitting more than eight hours a day, according to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Childrens Health Children of same-sex couples may enjoy equal or better health and well-being than kids in the general population, a new study suggests. Researchers at Australias University of Melbourne, found that children from same-sex families scored about 6 percent better in terms of general health, behavior and family cohesion than children overall.
Health Watch: Stability ball desk fitness – News – Hope Star – Hope, AR – Hope, AR

UN’s health agency worried about growing child obesity – Yahoo News

Im very proud of our team. The survey is a detailed process where the center is expected to adhere to an extensive list of rules and regulations designed to ensure the safety, well-being and dignity of each resident. The process can include interviewing staff, patients and families, analyzing patient documentation and observing staff in all areas of business. Citations for not meeting a regulation are called deficiencies. Because of the intensity of the survey process, a center must truly excel to receive a minimal deficiency survey outcome. Our success is reflective of the commitment to excellence and caring on the part of every employee, said Richard Shook, regional director of operations of HCR ManorCare, Heartlands parent company. Our survey results reaffirm that our patients best way home is through our doors. On average, 89 percent of rehabilitation patients admitted to HCR ManorCare centers return home. We are proud of our accomplishments and of our contribution to the community. Heartland consistently shines in this intensive survey process. Our company focuses on being committed to service and care every day and Heartland certainly lives this philosophy. Heartland is part of the HCR ManorCare family. The HCR ManorCare health-care family comprises centers that are leading providers of short-term post-acute services and long-term care. With 60,000 caregivers nationwide, the HCR ManorCare centers are preeminent care providers in their communities. Quality care for patients and residents is provided through a network of more than 500 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, outpatient rehabilitation clinics, and hospice and home health care agencies. These locations operate primarily under the respected Heartland, ManorCare Health Services and Arden Courts names. See Full Story Heartland Health Care Center-Ann Arbor is pleased to announce that they received outstanding state survey results. The survey is conducted annually at all nursing centers by the Bureau of Health Services]as a way to measure the quality of care delivered in all skilled nursing centers I applaud the positive attitude and commitment to caring which ensures our patients live with the greatest dignity, comfort and enjoyment possible, Jill Yerrick, administrator at HeartlandAnn Arbor said. Our scores reflect the commitment to excellence that we strive to reach every day.
Heartland Health Care in Ann Arbor receives high marks on state survey – Ann Arbor Journal – Heritage Newspapers

Please enter a valid phone number. Please enter your Phone Number. Send Thanks! A link has been sent. Done UN’s health agency worried about growing child obesity 4 hours ago . View photo Colombian twins are weighed in a nutritionist’s office on September 22, 2011 in Medellin, Colombia (AFP Photo/Raul Arboleda) Geneva (AFP) – The number of obese and overweight children in the world could balloon from 44 million in 2012 to 75 million in 2025, the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned on Friday. This is faster than the growth rate from 1990, when the number was 31 million, said the UN’s health body. In Africa alone, the number of obese and overweight children expanded from four to 10 million over the same period. “Child obesity is one of the major health issue for tomorrow and today,” Peter Gluckman, who co-presides over the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity, told reporters in Geneva.
UN’s health agency worried about growing child obesity – Yahoo News


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